Have you ever had a problem with something in your home, like the washing machine, the boiler or a tap? What did you do? In these activities, you will learn what to say on the phone if this happens and you need someone to help you.


Task 1 - understanding vocabulary

In this first task, learn some words which will help you understand the film.

Task 2 - using vocabulary

In this next exercise practise using the words from Task 1.

Say the phrases aloud as you work.

Task 3 - speaking practice

Practise saying these useful phrases 



Wife: Oh no! Arjun! Something’s wrong with the washing machine. It’s leaking! 
Husband: Oh! Well, the floor was dirty. The water will clean it. 
Wife: There’s water all over the floor.
                 (He gives her a pair of boots.)
Husband: These will keep your feet dry.
Wife: Ugh! I’m phoning the housing association. 
Mr Konik: Thank you for calling Giston Housing Association. Please leave a message.
Wife: Hello, this is Sunita Chowdry. I live in Bewick Court, in flat 30. We’ve got a big problem in the kitchen. Please could you phone me back? It’s urgent, so please call me back soon. My number is 020 7442 3204. Thank you. Bye.
(The phone rings. The wife is mopping the floor.) 
Husband: I have to do everything in this house! Hello?
Mr Konik: Hello, am I speaking with Mr Chowdry please?
Husband: Speaking.
Mr Konik: Hello. This is Mr Konik from Giston Housing Association. 
Husband: Ah, thank you for calling back.
Mr Konik Your wife left a message about a problem in the kitchen. What’s wrong?
Husband: It’s the washing machine. It’s broken. 
Mr Konik: I see
Husband: Could you send someone to fix it please?
Mr Konik: OK. I’ll contact a plumber. But it’ll probably be next week.
Husband: That’s fine. Next week.
Wife: No, that’s not fine! We need someone now! 
Husband: Actually, next week is no good. It’s urgent. There’s water all over the floor. My wife’s wearing boots in the kitchen.
Mr Konik: I see.
Husband: It’s an emergency.
Mr Konik: Right, I see. Well, I’ll try and get you a plumber ASAP.
Husband: I’m sorry?
Mr Konik: As soon as possible. I’ll contact the plumber now. I’ll tell him that it’s an emergency. And I’ll ask him to contact you.
Husband: That’s great. I’ll wait for his call… ASAP. 
Mr Konik: Thanks then. Bye.
Husband: Bye….. (He hangs up.) You see? The boots were a good idea!



  • Have you ever phoned someone to ask them to help you with an emergency in your home?

Write and tell us what happened.