Do you know who lives next door to you? Do you talk to your neighbours? What do you talk to them about? In these activities, you will see what happens when Sunita meets one of her neighbours and learn some phrases that you can use when you talk to your neighbours.


Task 1 - true or false?

In this first task, check your understanding of the film by deciding if the sentences are true or false.

Task 2 - who asked the questions?

In this next task, look at some of the questions from the film and decide who asked them. Was it Sunita or Janet, the neighbour?

Practise saying the questions aloud as you work.

Task 3 - questions and answers

Now think about how Janet and Sunita answered the questions in Task 2. Match the questions with the correct answers.

This will help you to answer questions when you are talking with a neighbour. Practise saying the questions and answers aloud. 

Task 4 - good questions to ask a neighbour?

When you talk with your neighbours for the first time, it is a good idea to start by asking lots of questions.

Some questions are good to ask but other questions are not so good! If you ask questions that are too personal, your neighbour may think you are being rude. 

In this task, decide which are the good and not so good questions to ask. In the UK, even if you know somebody quite well, it’s never very polite to ask them how much they earn. 


Wife Hello?

Janet Hello, have you just moved in? I think I saw you on the street.

Wife Yes, actually. We just moved here last month.

Janet Well, I just wanted to come round and say hello. I’m your neighbour. I live upstairs, on the second floor.

Wife Oh, that’s very nice. Come in. It’s good to meet you.

Janet You too (they shake hands). What’s your name?

Wife I’m Sunita.

Janet Oh. That’s an unusual name. Where are you from? Are you from… Sri Lanka?

Wife No, actually, we’re from India.

Janet Oh I’ve got a friend from India.

Wife Oh right. So, what about you? What’s your name?

Janet I’m Janet. And you’ve got… one son, is that right?

Wife Yes, he’s six years old. Have you got any children?

Janet Yes, I’ve got a son too. Same age.

Wife Oh that’s great. Perhaps they can play together some time?

Janet Yes, that’s a good idea. Let’s do that.

Wife Mmm. So, when did you move here?

Janet Me? I was born here. I’ve lived in this building all my life!

Wife Oh, so you probably know everyone then.

Janet Well, not everyone.. but a lot of people. What about you? Have you met any of the neighbours yet?

Wife No, not really. It’s quite difficult, because my English isn’t very good.

Janet What?! Your English is fine! Anyway, lots of people are from lots of different countries here.

Wife Oh right.

Janet I know: two of the neighbours are coming round to my flat for coffee on Friday morning. Do you want to come? You can meet them.

Wife OK, that would be nice. Where do you live?

Janet Number 33.

Wife OK. What time should I come round?

Janet About 10.30. Is that OK?

Wife Yes, that sounds nice, thank you. Oh –I’ll make a cake from my country. It’s called ‘mava’ cake. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Janet Alright. That’s great. See you Friday then Sunita.

Wife Thank you Janet. See you.



  • What are your neighbours like?
  • Are they friendly?
  • Do you just say hello in the street or do you go to each other’s homes for a tea or coffee?

Add a comment below to tell us!


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Hi ESOL i have problem the video isn't working on my ipad, could you help me but the other video like in the british council is working what should i do why is not working thank you....?

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Hi Mark, if you try again the video should be working ok on your ipad now. 

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Wow...!!! Thank you thank you now i can watch the video and i can now really enjoy study english here with the video,the video really helpful verymuch because not only watching video or reading the transcript also the person or the actor on the video is can help you for sample you can see they reaction like how   They talk to each other this is really amazing i hope more video like this thank you again esol.....

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this is very informative one especially when you met someone first time in you neighbouthood or vicinity thats great and very helpful

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I Love 'MAVA' Cake too.