Do you shop on the internet? Do you receive deliveries of parcels at your home? What do you say to the person who brings the deliveries? In these activities, you will learn what to say to the delivery person so you feel confident when you answer your door.


Task 1 - understanding words in the film

In this first task, check your understanding of some important words in the film.

Task 2 - useful phrases for talking with couriers

This next task will help you learn some useful phrases from the film.

You can use these phrases when you talk with couriers

Task 3 - summary

Complete the summary by adding the correct word: ‘a’ or ‘the’

We often use ‘a’ when we talk about a noun for the first time, and then we use ‘the’.

e.g. The courier has a parcel for me.

       The parcel is my birthday present!


Wife Hello?

Courier Oh hello, it’s Parcels Direct. I’ve got a delivery for you.

Wife What is the name please?

Courier Mrs Sunita Chowdry.

Wife Oh yes, that’s me. We’re on the 1st floor. Could you bring it upstairs please?

Husband Is that a delivery? Hello. I’ll let you in.

Wife How did you know? You’re being very helpful today.

Husband You look tired. Maybe you should lie down.

Wife Yeah, good idea. I think I will.

(The courier knocks on the door.)

Courier Hello, I’ve got a delivery for you.

Husband Ah, (loudly) It’s the electricity bill.

Courier Could you sign here please to confirm receipt?

Husband ‘Confirm receipt’?

Courier To say you’ve got the parcel.

Husband It’s for my wife. Can I sign it for her?

Courier Yes, that’s fine. You can sign on her behalf. Or a neighbour can, if you’re out. Put your signature in the box. There you are.

Husband Thanks. (quietly) It’s a present for my wife actually. It’s her birthday.

Courier Oh really? Today?

Husband No, next week. But I’m going to hide it!

Courier Oh, well good luck. I hope she doesn’t find it!

Husband No way, she won’t! Cheers.

Courier Bye. Thank you.

Wife So, what was it?

Husband Oh, nothing. Would you like a cup of tea?

Wife No, come on, what was it?

Husband Or coffee?

Wife Come on, tell me, what was it? Give it to me! It’s got my name on! It’s for me! What are you doing with it?

Husband It’s your birthday next week. You ask too many questions!

Wife OK, I didn’t see anything. I’ll make the tea!



  • What deliveries do you get at your home?
  • Do you speak to the couriers?
  • What do you speak about?

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