Have you ever received a telephone call from someone who called you by mistake? In these activities, you will learn what to say if this happens.


Task 1 - understanding the film

In this first task, answer some questions to check you understand the main ideas in the video. 

Task 2 - useful phone language

In this task, you will study some phrases that you can use on the phone if you receive a ‘wrong number’ call.

Task 3 - who says what?

In this final task, you will have a chance to learn and remember the phrases from Task 2.

You might want to watch the video again before you do this task. 


Husband: Do you know someone called… Sanjay Patel?

Wife: Sanjay Patel?… No. Why?

Husband:  Look: there’s a letter for him. Sanjay Patel, Flat 30, Bewick Court, Stanton Road… 

Wife: That’s our address. How strange. 
Husband : Oh! I remember! He lived here before us.
Wife: Oh yes, yes! Sanjay Patel! We’ve got his new address and phone number. We can write his new address here on the envelope, and send it to him.
(The phone rings. The husband answers it.)
Husband: Hello?
Caller: Hi!
Husband: Hello.
Caller: It’s me! 
Husband: Right.
Wife: Who is it?
Husband:  I don’t know.
Caller So, how are you?
Husband I’m fine, thank you, fine… And… how are you?
Caller Oh well, you know me. The same as always.
Husband Oh.. yes.
Wife Who is it?
Husband I don’t know!
Caller So, how’s work? How’s the job?
Husband Well, it’s good. But I only started last week. How did you know?
Caller And the family? Are your family well?
Husband Yes, we’re all very well thank you.
Caller And the grandchildren?
Husband The… grandchildren? My grandchildren? 
Caller Are they all at university now?
Husband I’m 28 years old. My son is 6. I don’t have any grandchildren. I think you’ve got the wrong number.
Caller Oh. I’m sorry. Who am I speaking to?
Husband My name’s Arjun. I moved into this flat last month. 
Caller Ah. 
Husband Who do you want to speak to?
Caller Sanjay. My friend, Sanjay Patel.
Husband Oh, he doesn’t live here any more. He moved house last month. 
Caller Oh dear, have you got his new number please?
Husband Yes, I have… here it is. Have you got a pen?
Caller Yes.
Husband 843 655 22
Caller That’s great. I’ll ring that number. Thanks for your help. 
Husband No problem.
Caller And sorry to trouble you.
Husband Don’t worry. I’m happy I could help. Bye.
Caller Goodbye. 
                (They hang up.)
Wife So? Who was it?
Husband Oh! I don’t know. I didn’t ask!



  • Have you ever phoned someone by mistake?
  • What did they say?
  • What did you say?

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