friends at school

Children often want to invite their friends to come and play at their houses after school. When a child comes to play at your house you should expect to give him or her a meal. Listen to two mothers discussing an arrangement for their two daughters.


Task 1 - true or false

Task 2 - order the words

Task 3 - fill in the gaps



F: Hello Adrienne.

A: Hello Fiona, how are you?

F: I’m fine, good, erm, Amy would like to know if Rebecca would like to come to play after school tonight and stay for tea?

A: Oh, that’s a shame, she’s playing football tonight but I’m sure she would love to come.  How about Friday?

F: Yeah, I think that’ll be OK.  Would I pick her up from school?

A:  Yeah, that’d be great, thank you.

F: Now is there anything she doesn’t eat?

A: Yes. We’re vegetarian so she doesn’t eat meat or fish, I’m afraid.

F: OK, well, what about pasta?

A: Oh she loves pasta, that’d be great. Yes. Thank you.

F: OK that’s fine then, OK I’ll erm, I’ll take her home and will you pick her up?

A: Yes. What time shall I pick her up?

F: Erm, about half past seven?

A: Yes, that’s great and where do you live?

F: We live at 4 Heatherfield Lane in Harpenden,  just off Sun Lane.

A: Oh right, yes, I know it.  So about half past seven on Friday, that’ll be great, thank you.

F: OK that’s lovely, Bye

A: Bye


  • Do your children go to play at other children’s houses?
  • Do you invite children to play at your house? 

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I am lucky. When my son was at school, he was omnivorous, in the sense that he liked everything ....well cooked and prepared. Now, in his spare time, he is a skilled cook in his kitchen.

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I don't have any children right now. But if I had a child, I would encourage him/her to play at other children's houses. Because it is a way of becoming social. Apart from going to school, they need somewhere and sometime to get together and spend time doing leisure activities like playing around. It would also be a good way for my child to get to know various people as much as possible. Therefore, as a mother, I would invite other children to our house as well.  

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This lesson help me in my school's daughter that I understand other parents conversations.