When children are off school, it can be difficult to stop them getting bored. Sometimes, however, children just need to be given the opportunity to play. Watch the video to learn about entertaining your child in the holidays and develop your listening skills and vocabulary as you complete the activities.

Keeping children amused in the holidays can be difficult and expensive. The following tips may be helpful for parents to keep the family happy:

Research activities going on in your local area. You can check your local council’s website, tourist information centres, local newspapers and community centres. You could try out local facilities such as the library, museums, galleries and the swimming pool – these places often have special activities events on in the holidays.

If you’re staying in, you could try playing games, watching movies, cooking, dressing up, building a den or making a scrapbook. You could even get the kids to do a show or magic trick for you.

On sunny days, it’s great to get outdoors. You could go for a picnic, play ball games, have a treasure hunt, go for a walk or fly a kite. You could even go camping – you don’t have to go far, any outdoor activities can be done as close to home as you like!

Be creative with your child. Craft activities can be great fun and don’t have to be expensive. You could even teach your children games you played when you were little!

Whatever you do, have fun. Don’t plan too many things and encourage your children to play independently, too.


Task 1 - true or false?

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - vocabulary

Task 4 - summary


Entertaining children in the holidays

Sometimes I'm very bored because no one plays with me.

I feel that I want to do something and, like, maybe go out …

I like creating a book because I don't get bored.

I hate him to be out thinking he's getting bored because that's when they start playing up and then I get stressed, he gets stressed.

Letting children play is one of the most important gifts parents can provide. Play helps a child develop their creative abilities and takes a child into a fun, positive and imaginative world where anything is possible. Play develops children's physical, emotional, social, mental and creative abilities. It helps them practise hand eye coordination to develop the physical agility to run, jump, walk and balance. Through play a child learns the social etiquette of taking turns. Developing awareness of other people's views and feelings, he learns how to problem solve to develop his curiosity and intellect.

How can I help my child play more?

Switch off the computer, put away video games and other electronic stuff. There are so many ways children play. If you create a space and give them something to do, they'll soon start to play.

You don’t have to go outside to play….try making an indoor den or wooden spoon puppets.

Creative play can help all-round development.

Help your child to try different activities.

Notice and praise them – it’ll encourage play.

Family Lives is a charity which aims to support families living in the UK. You can read the full article on their website http://www.familylives.org.uk



  • How do you entertain your child during the holidays?

Family Lives is a charity which aims to support families living in the UK. You can visit their website here http://www.familylives.org.uk.