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Does your family have a healthy lifestyle? Listen to this conversation between a mother and a school nurse. She is asking the nurse for advice about her son. 


Task 1 - preparation

Before you listen, here are some of the words you will hear in the recording.  Match the words to the pictures. You can click on the arrow to hear the word.

Task 2 - healthy or unhealthy?

What does she say is healthy and what is unhealthy?

Task 3 - build sentences

Task 4 - fill in the gaps


Advice from a School Nurse

SN:  Hello, I’m the school nurse. I believe you wanted to see me.

A: Yes, I’m a bit worried about my son’s weight. I think he’s perhaps a bit too fat.

SN: OK. Let’s think about that: what is he like with his eating habits?

A: Oh, he likes his food.

SN: He does. Does he eat lots of fruit and vegetables?

A: Well, you know, he likes bananas.

SN: Do you know how many fruits and vegetables a child should have every day?

A: No, not really.

SN: We like to suggest five portions.

A: OK. I see, is there anything else apart from.....

SN: Is he very active?

A: Eh, well I don’t know really – he runs around at playtime I suppose.

SN: How does he get to school in the morning?

A: Oh, we go in the car.

SN: Is there any possibility you could walk or he could ride his bicycle?

A: I think riding a bike’s a bit dangerous, don’t you? And we’re always a bit short of time in the morning.

SN: OK. That can be difficult, how about after school; does he do any activities after school?

A: No, he usually watches TV.

SN: Is there any way you could take him to the park once or twice a week or maybe to the swimming pool?

A: Yeah, we could go down the park I suppose. We could do that, we could try anyway.

SN: OK, so if you just try to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables that he eats, eh, maybe a few less snacks. Does he eat a lot of snacks?...


  • Do you have children? Is it easy to get them to eat healthy food?
  • What do you do? 
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