Parents' evening

Do you have children at school? Listen to Ben's teacher and see if he is doing well or not. After you have done all the exercises you can download the transcript and check any difficult words in your dictionary.


Task 1 - true or false?

Ben's mum has gone to school for a parent's evening. Listen to her talking to Ben's maths teacher. 

Task 2 - fill the gaps

Task 3 - order the sentences


Meeting Ben’s maths teacher

Mum: Hi, I’m Ben’s mum. How is he getting on with his maths lessons?

Teacher: Ben has made good progress. He’s quite sociable. He’s quite pleasant in the class. He expresses his ideas clearly, ehm he has worked hard this year.

Mum: Good.

Teacher: Ehm, just see his last mock exam was, wasn’t particularly good actually. He got 66% but nothing to worry about because as you know he missed the last two weeks.

Mum: Oh yeah with his chicken pox.

Teacher: That’s right ehm I have set some extra work for him. He’s usually good about his homework. He hands them in regularly, but he has to make sure that he has to do this extra homework because he’s behind his class at the moment. But I’m pretty sure that he’ll be able to get A* if he continues his hard work.

Mum: Really?

Teacher: He’s been working hard- he really has been working hard.

Mum: I’m pleased to hear that. So you think he’s going all right.

Teacher: He’s doing very well.

Mum: Anything we can do to help him at home?

Teacher: He is quite capable of doing his homework and he is aware of the situation so I’m pretty sure that he’ll be able to handle it himself, he’ll manage it but, as I say, I’ve set some extra work for him, if you can make sure he does that, that’s all really.

Mum: All right, thank you very much for your time. Bye.


  • Do you have children at school? 
  • Do you have any advice for speaking with teachers on parents' evening?
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Maths teachers, always the same, never satisfied ! Too much strict

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Yeah, they are too perfectionist. They just want to see the world just like it is in Maths, perfect and consistent.