Parents often worry about their child’s first day at school and how they can help to make it a positive experience. Watch the video to learn about starting primary school and practice your listening skills and vocabulary as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - vocabulary

Task 4 - summary


I can’t wait to go to school.

One of the most important things to remember when your child’s first going to school is to be upbeat and happy, even though you might feel a little nervous yourself.

A really good way of helping your child to prepare for school would be to say share a book about starting school.  This would enable the child maybe to talk about some of the anxieties they’ve got about starting school.

I do feel a bit nervous about my child starting school, but I know that he’s excited about it and looking forward to learning new things.

Here are a few things that will really help prepare your child for school.  When you find which school your child’s going to, arrange a visit. This means that they’ll know where their classroom is, where to hang their coat and most importantly, where the toilet is.  The new school will tell you if you need a book bag, pencil case, PE kit etc. Uniforms and shoes can often sell out quite quickly, so be sure to shop for these early.

I like my new school shoes.

Top tips. Shop early for your child’s uniform. Find out from the school what your child needs on the first day. Label everything.

We’ve always believed in an early bedtime for the children and we put them down with a bit of a routine, and the routine starts with bath time after dinner, and then it ends with story time and bed time.

Well we started getting her used to the idea that she was going to school quite early, and one of the things we did, because it’s just very local, is we just walked her down to school so she could see where she was going, so we did I suppose what you’d call dummy runs down to school.

If possible, it might be a good idea if your child could meet up with other children that are going to be starting at the same school at the same time.

Don’t worry if your child can’t read or write. No teacher expects this on the first day, but what would really help is if your child can dress themselves and get on well with other children.

I want to take a packed lunch to school.

I want to have packed lunch every day.

You’ll discover that your child will find starting school a lot easier than you do, so try not to panic too much.  Leaving them is hard, but do it with a smile and you’ll find that they’ll be fine.

Try to get into a routine early. Relax, a calm parent means a calm child.



  • Can you remember your first day of school?

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