How much do you know about the UK? In this activity you will watch a video with actors talking about their favourite places in the UK. You will be able test your listening skills and practise using the correct tense. This video shows famous British actors in different parts of the UK. The UK is actually four countries - England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. 


Task 1 - test your knowledge

Task 2 - comprehension


What did you think of the advert? Think about your favourite place. Now answer these questions:

  • Where is your favourite place?
  • When did you go there?
  • Why should people visit it?
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The advert is very interesting and I have found many beautiful places that I really want to visit someday .

My favourite place Cardiff because there  are lots of interesting  places to spend your free time such as the  Millenium Stadium, Cardiff Bay and Cardiff shopping centre which has one of the biggest malls in the UK.

I go there every month . :)


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I thought the advert was  very informative, and it has given me,a lot of ideas on

places to visit,in particular The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland.





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the advert was very interesting it shows wonderfull places to visit in UK

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I think that the advert has been very interesting because it gave me a lot of information about some places and wonderful attractions that I had never seen before. I hope that I will visit some of them as soon as possible.