Can learning English help to bring different communities together? Find out about a unique summer school that helped young people make friends across a cultural divide.


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Nicola Crowley: The first aim was to bring two communities together – a Jewish community and an Arab community – that are living right next door to each other ...

Teacher: ... and English is an alien thing for both of them ...

Nicola: The summer school was to give them the opportunity to learn English together...

Teacher: ... to do worksheets together, to play games together....

Nicola: It’s of value to both communities and it’s a challenge to both of them. 

The Olympics is an amazing topic to use for this programme, the values of the Olympics are Respect, Friendship, Excellence, and these, these are the values that we try to teach the kids. We taught them how to be friends together, how to respect each other and how to excel in English and in their lives.

School Principal: I think the more important to learn the English language and I was very surprised to see all the kids speak together and they make so much activities in English together, and to see their parents come together in my school and to share us about these activities it’s very, very good.

Parent: She’s coming home very, very happy, she’s so enthusiastic. It’s unbelievable for me to see a child that usually it’s very difficult to convince her to go to school during the year, is waking up in the middle of the summer, instead of going to the pool she’s going to this school to learn English.

Teacher: We’ve done various listening comprehensions with the words of ‘We are the Champions’ and at the end we all sang it and I felt quite emotional cos they’d learnt it. A lot of them had been practising at home and, and they were obviously really enjoying it, and that was really lovely, just to see how they’d all come together at the end and it was great. 


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This is a great site to learning & improve.. I love it..& I want to make some friends for chat.. Thanks birtish council
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A very useful and inspiring website. I wonder if there's some way of increasing the font size in the interactive activities. I'd really appreciate being able to use these resources on the interactive whiteboard with my students. Zooming doesn't  increase the font size.

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I've been to France recently, as part of a youth project. It was not planned as a language learning project, but I think most of us had gone there to improve our French language skills. There were Spanish, Turkish, and Italian people as well as French people. We've come together, spent lovely time together. I've learned lots of things about the culture of Spanish and Italian people. Communicating with the local people did also helped me a lot to get accustomed to French culture. So, I can say that, language made us come together. We were there for just a simple youth project, but we all ended up better knowing each other on cultural terms. 

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When I see two groups of people that they think they are enemy together ,learn English and this communication resons that they are friend together ,every person become happy.May be human must try to understand other people.