Coming to a new country can sometimes be difficult. In this film, ESOL learners talk about their experiences of arriving in the UK. 


Task 1 - listening comprehension

Task 2 - past simple tense


  • Did you have any problems when you came to the UK? 

Add a comment below about your experiences!

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When I come to London my firts problem was the work, because I come with my girlfriend and we had acomodation and my second problem was the language.

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i had a problem when i came to UK is  the weather.It is too cold for me until now.There is rain all the time and i didn't have any friend at that time.Now i am alright because i go to college to learn English .The Teachers in my college are very good and sociable.They help me alot .I think that i am making progress .I have some friends too.

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Hi Trang, I'm glad you are enjoying living in the UK now and have made some friends. Do you have any advice for people new to the UK?

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When I arrived the worst was to face speaking the language. I have been learning English by myself for some time already.  Couldn't separate words, accents, felt quite stupid not knowing how to express myself and how to be understood. Found the solution.  I was using veeeeery kind way of asking about things. Not that I am not kind :). For example Wold you. please ....  ?. It works.Nobody couldn't be rude to that. Conclusion: English in theory and English in practice are two different things.