Books, newspapers, the internet, notices, text messages – we read all the time! In this film, ESOL learners talk about what they read in English.


Task 1 - listening comprehension

Task 2 - listening for detail


  • Do you read a little or a lot in English?
  • What sorts of things do you read in English?
  • Do you read magazines, books, journals? If so, what kind?

Write a comment below and tell us about it!

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I have been reading a lot, materials in English at my university time. It could be newspapers, magazines, web-sites or books. But now, i try to keep that level of english i've got and using it at my job. If i see foreigners (Expats), i try to talk with them, i don't know, but i like to talk to them. Sometimes i use english web-sites in order to read some news. I installed Windows (English version) to my laptop and i use english version of Microsoft Office. i have read only one book in english, it is freakonomics by Steven Levit and Steve (forgot the surname). In one word, i want to say that every day i making up a good condition for studying and development of my english language skill. Thanks. I am not good at writing essay :).

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Those are all great suggestions Rasti92, thank you!