Attending college in London​

Hello everybody! I'm Hoa. I came to England seven months ago. My first impression when I arrived was about the airport and how huge it was. I was also surprised by the big supermarkets and the buses which were everywhere. 

At first, everything was very hard for me because my English was not good and I did not have any friends in London. I could not go to the supermarket alone and I could not catch the bus. I could not talk with my nephew or my niece. My sister-in-law had to help me when I wanted to go the hospital or go shopping while my husband was at work. 

Almost everything was very strange and new to me at that time and I didn’t feel confident in myself. But after about two months, when I went to college, everything became better. I learnt a lot of things in my class and my English became better too. I will continue to learn English until it is like my first language. 

Now I feel happy and satisfied with my life. I have a wonderful family and a stable job, and I attend a good college in London, which is a city I love. That is really fortunate for someone new to the UK like me. 


Task 1 - true or false

In this first activity, you will read some statements based on Hoa’s story.

Task 2 - ordering words to make sentences

In this second activity, you will put words in the right order to make sentences from Hoa’s story.

Practise saying the sentences aloud at the same time.



How does your story of moving to the UK compare to Hoa’s?

Did you have similar feelings and experiences, or was your story very different?

Do you, like Hoa, feel fortunate to be living in the UK?

What advice would you give to someone who has just moved to the UK? You could post your responses below.

Why not find out about the experiences of other people who have moved to the UK by looking at some more of the winning entries.

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First time I came to the UK was for fight in a MMA event in 2009. I stayed 3 days only. My friend who lived here helped me a lot with travel and other things. In 2010 I gone to Portugal to fight in Lisbon and from there I came straight away to London with my friend. From 2010 I started to live in London. In the beginning it was hard because I did not speak any English and I learned bad English from people at work. Now I 'm going to study proper English and I'II never stop learning.