Big changes​

I came to the UK one and a half years ago, in 2010, from Pakistan. When I came here, everything was totally different. 

I lived in a village in Pakistan. There were open areas, the houses were large and the gardens were big and open. In the UK, houses are small and joined together, and the roads are wider, much straighter and busier. There are so many buildings and long streets and much less open space. 

When I arrived here I felt very good. Everything looked neat, clean and organised. The weather was good as well because I came here in June. At that time of year, the weather in Pakistan is very hot, but the weather here was cool and nice. 

I came on a Spouse Visa, as my wife was already here, and I lived with my in-laws. Other family members lived here as well so it didn't take long for the UK to feel like home. It always takes time to settle down when you come from another country to the UK. Everything was different and completely new for me. I didn't know the area and I didn't know where the shops or other things were. I couldn't speak or understand much English, so it was hard. 

Then I got a job in a restaurant. While working around British people, I started understanding English. Now I know almost every part of my area. My family, especially my wife, helped me to settle in the UK. She took me everywhere with her and told me about everything. She’s been very helpful. I have adjusted and am really happy now. The UK feels like my home now, just like Pakistan did. 


Task 1 - true or false

Task 2 - reorder the sentences



  • How does your story of moving to the UK compare to Naveed’s?
  • Did you have similar feelings and experiences, or was your story very different?
  • Do you agree with Naveed’s statement that, “This country is a great place to live”?
  • What advice would you give to someone who has just moved to the UK? You could post your responses below.
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I am not as lucky as Naveed, in the sense that  I can not use a Spouse Visa.

So I do not  live in the UK yet.

I have been many times all over the Country, always very happy to stay there.

I do agree with Naveed that it is a great place . That is why I am improving my English, hoping to find my working opportunity.