Red Nose Day aims to raise money for a charity called Comic Relief which helps people in need in Africa and in the UK.


Your face could change the world because Red Nose Day is back!

On Friday 13th March, we need you to make your face funny for money.

The money you raise through Red Nose Day is spent by Comic Relief to help change lives in the UK and in Africa.

You can help to make a real difference, so start planning your fundraising and get ideas and tools right now.

The money you raise will help give extremely vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the UK and across the world a helping hand to just turn their lives around.

2 million children died last year because they did not have enough to eat and another 2 million will die this year unless they get help. If that isn’t a crisis, if that isn’t the most urgent thing in the world, then the world’s gone mad. Let’s face it, the world has gone mad. But in the middle of all that madness, let’s do something kind and powerful.

Comic Relief are helping children all over Africa to get an education and a chance of a better future.

40% of the money raised from Red Nose Day is spent right here in the UK.

You can help to make a real difference, get your ideas and tools at


Learn more about Red Nose Day here

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