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I left Iraq in 2006 with my three children due to the escalated situation back there. There was a civil war in Iraq and due to my background and my husband’s, we were subject to persecution and threats by different parties.


I left India in search of more experience and because I wanted to get more exposure in my job; I wanted to learn about different cuisine and I had always heard about Europe; that there’s more work and better working environments, more job security and that people are more accepting of people from other parts of the world.


I left Congo because of political problems. In our country especially things are not going well; people are starving every day, students are not going to school, there’s no freedom, you can’t even express yourself and I thought that if I went back to that country I would die, or maybe be persecuted.


My name is Ines, I come from Portugal, and I came to the UK because of work. At the time it was not as bad as it is now, but I still couldn’t find any sort of work for two years. For some time I was doing temporary jobs and these started to become fewer and fewer until I had nothing.


I came here simply for a better life. My parents and I, we left Sri Lanka when I was twelve years old, and we had to flee the country because civil war had broken loose, and the lives of both my parents were in danger. When we came to the UK it was the year 2000 and several locations – asylum applications – were originally rejected and we had to keep putting in fresh claims.

What is it that would make you leave your own home, what is it that would make you leave everything you have, all your friends, all your family, everything that you own and go to a different country?


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  • What reasons may people have for migrating?