This is a story of a farmer and his family. It was written by a learner called Naila and tells of how a father taught his sons an important lesson. If you want find out what the lesson was, read the story and complete the activities.


Task 1 - vocabulary for the film

In this first activity, match words and phrases from the story to similar meanings.

Task 2 - comprehension

In this next activity, read some statements based on the story and decide if they are true, false or there is no information.

Task 3 - summary

In this final activity, complete the summary of the story by filling in the gaps with the correct words.


A farmer, who lived in a village, had five sons, all of whom were very naughty. They fought with each other and never helped their father in the fields. The farmer was worried about them and he always thought about who would look after the farm after his death.

Suddenly, he had an idea. He called his sons and gave them a bundle of sticks, which he told them to break in half. One by one, they tried, but no one could do it. The farmer then told them to separate the sticks from the bundle and they broke each of the sticks in less than a minute. The farmer asked, “Did you learn a lesson from these sticks?” He explained to them that if they all lived together in harmony, no one could separate them, but if they fought with each other, they would lose everything.

The farmer’s sons became good and hardworking, which made their father happy.

Unity is strength.



  • Have you ever been taught a lesson by someone older and wiser than you? 
  • Perhaps, like the farmer, you have taught someone else a lesson!

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the lessons that the parents transmited to his sons are the most important knowledge. My friend Valeria recomend this activity and I liked because is a compleat excercise. I can practice my english with it.

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I think we should live in harmony and we are to cooperate with each other thats all what we wanna realize