This story is called ‘A man and his donkey’ and was written by a learner called Asia. The story tells of how a clever donkey tries to trick his owner. 


Task 1 - vocabulary

In this first activity, you will match words and phrases from the story to similar meanings.

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - summary

In this final activity, you will fill the gaps with the correct words, to complete a summary of the story.


Once upon a time there was a man, who lived in a big forest with his donkey. The donkey was everything to him because he was a poor person. As he didn’t have any money, he decided to use his donkey to make deliveries. He thought he could use the donkey to transport him and his goods. Every day, he went to town with his donkey to buy and sell things, and every day he had to cross the canal which was on his journey.

Most of the time, the man carried salt on the back of the donkey. One day, when they were doing a delivery, the donkey slipped into the canal. When the donkey stood up, it noticed the weight it was carrying was lighter.

The donkey was very clever and, after that, is started to pretend. Every day, the donkey would fall into the canal to make its load lighter. After a few weeks, the man found out about the donkey’s trick.

The next day, he loaded wool onto the donkey. This time, when the donkey slipped into the water, it couldn’t get up again.


  • Why did the man load wool onto the donkey?
  • Was this a wise thing to do? Why?
  • How did the story make you feel?

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Man was do one clever thing. He load wool onto the donkey backs.
That was wise move because the burden was too heavy when donkey slipped into the water and I guess that donkey never will slipped into the canal again.