This book is written by Faizia Zaman and is called ‘Standing on My Own Two Feet. These activities are based on the Our Lives Press series of books. The books are written by people from different cultures and are about their experiences of living in the UK. 


Task 1 - vocabulary matching exercise

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - reorder the sentences


One of my forefathers was sitting on his chair smoking his hukka*. It was evening. There was no electricity and no lights. The jungle was nearby and foxes started howling. He asked his servant, “Why are they crying?” The servant answered, “It’s winter and they have not got anything to keep them warm.” My forefather said, “Very well, tell the manager to give them a hundred blankets tomorrow.” The next night the same thing happened again. The servant was massaging him. He asked him “Why are they still crying? Did you supply the blankets?” The servant was quick witted and answered, “Today they are blessing you.” 

On another occasion one of my ancestors was served a curry which he liked very much. He turned to his wife and asked, “Who made this curry?” She told him that the servant had made it. As a reward he gave the servant many acres of land. The family of that servant are still there and nowadays are much richer than us. This family had originally been employed to make our clothes, for there was always a wedding or some such thing for which new clothes were needed. They now own a large tailor’s shop. 

* a hukka is a water pipe used to smoke flavoured tobacco. 



In her story Faizia told some funny stories about her ancestors which were passed on to her by her parents and grandparents.

  • Do you have any interesting or funny stories about your relatives from a long time ago?

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This book is part of a series of books published by Our Lives Press. The books are written by people from different cultures about their experiences of living in Britain. If you would like to read this book or any others in the series you can order them from your local library or by following this link.