These activities are based on a book written by Shabibi Shah called ‘Where do I belong’ (Longstone Books). Shabibi Shah came to England with her family from Afghanistan in 1984. In this book she has written her own story of how she was forced to leave her country in traumatic circumstances to make a new start in England.


Task 1 - vocabulary matching

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - word order


After three long hours of hardship, the truck came to a halt and the guides who had been sitting comfortably inside the cabin came to untie the rope. They announced proudly that we were almost in Pakistan, except for one thing. We still had to climb up the great mountain in front of us. We were already stiff from the truck ride and now had to face the exhausting climb ahead. The rain was pouring down as we struggled along and ended up literally crawling on our hands and knees. By the time we reached the top we were soaked to the skin but overjoyed that below us lay Pakistan and freedom. I looked back for the last time at my beautiful homeland which I will never forget, the country where I had belonged. I felt like a small bird with broken wings, who would never be able to fly again. Tears rolled down my face and mixed with the rain. I thought the sky was crying too for this fugitive woman with her three young children, who had come to find a new country for themselves. Then we climbed down the mountain and were in Pakistan.



  • What do you think of Shabibi’s story?
  • What are your experiences of moving to another country?
  • How do you feel about living in the U.K?

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If you would like to read more of Shabibi’s book you can order it from your local library or you can buy a copy from Longstone books: