The British Museum

A chance for learners to discover the British Museum’s collection and develop their ability to describe different objects.

In this lesson, students practise their reading skills by reading short texts based on the experiences of students who have visited the British Museum. They also revise the form and meaning of superlative adjectives and use these words when talking about museum objects.                                                                                                                      

Topic: Museums


  • To give reading practice based on the accounts of students who have visited the British Museum
  • To revise the formation of superlative adjectives and use them when speaking about museum objects

Length of lesson: About 90 minutes

Other resources required

Access to British Museum website and pictures of museum objects identified in Task A:

Hoa Hakananai'a

Ramesses II

Australian bark shield

Olduvai handaxe

Lewis chessmen

Spanish pieces of eight

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This is a great lesson - I used it with my students yesterday and they really enjoyed. Great work - thanks :)

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This was a great resource and went down with my E3 emerging L1 group. They are now preparing presentations on their favourite exhibits. Thanks :)