friends laughing

This lesson is about the relationships students have. The tasks allows for discussion and personalisation and can lead to stronger group cohesion as the students learn more about each others’ lives. It provides practice in all four skills.

Topic:   Relationships

Time: 90-120 mins


  • To develop students’ vocabulary of relationship words
  • To develop students’ ability to listen for gist and specific information
  • To give practice of listening, speaking and writing about relationships
  • To develop students’ awareness of word stress and linking features in spoken English
  • To develop teachers’ ability to use dictation as a language learning technique

The lesson uses dictation as a technique. Dictation provides a number of benefits, both practical and from a language learning viewpoint. It is easy to use, requires little preparation and allows for differentiation.  As a learning tool, students work on decoding spoken English and recoding into written English. This can be both very challenging and motivating. Davis and Rinvolucri (1988: p7) have this to say about the value of dictation, "Decoding the sounds of [English] and recoding them in writing is a major learning task". Dictations allow for work on a variety of language features including spelling, grammar and vocabulary in a clear context.