This lesson provides students with the opportunity to learn about internet safety. Students will develop their close listening skills by watching and listening to a video and completing a dictation. The lesson will provide plenty of opportunities for discussion and will finish with the students creating a poster to advise children how to stay safe on the internet.

Topic   Internet Safety

Time:    2 hrs


  • To develop students’ ability to express opinions about future possibilities in group discussions
  • To develop students’ internet- and internet safety-related vocabulary
  • To give students practice of listening to a video and doing a dictation on the topic of internet safety for gist and specific information
  • To provide students with practice of giving advice and suggestions in writing, through designing a poster as a group


Set up the Task 2 video before the lesson starts (to allow for any buffering delays). If you wish students to use the internet-based Glogster software to create their poster in Task 4, you will also need to have registered with Glogster before the lesson and will need enough computers / laptops for one between three (see Resource C for more tips about setting up and using Glogster).

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