This lesson is based on a short video, which shows someone going for a job interview. Learners develop their knowledge about applying for jobs and the interview process. They will develop their listening skills, learn new vocabulary, revise the past simple tense as well as take part in a mock job interview.

Topic: A job interview

Level: SfL E3/ SQA Intermediate 1 / CEFR B1

Time: 2 hours (with extension tasks)


  • To provide listening practice through watching a video called ‘A job interview’
  • To develop learners’ vocabulary to talk about jobs and the interview process
  • To develop learners’ ability to write a short story using the past simple tense
  • To provide speaking practice by taking part in a job interview role-play

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This looks a good lesson but I can't seem to locate Rescource A, could anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks

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Hi Susannah, you should be able to see Resource A under Components now. I hope your learners enjoy this lesson! :)

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Thank you! My learners enjoyed this lesson and found it very useful.

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Thanks for letting us know Susannah, that's great to hear!