This lesson is about identifying different job titles and their associated duties. It provides learners with practice at using full sentences to talk about a job.

Topic: Employability

Level: E2 / Access 3 / A2  

Time: 90 minutes


  • To develop learners’ ability to speak in full sentences to describe a job
  • To give practice of using the verbs: deal with, work in, look after, helps (to + do), when describing the duties of a job
  • To develop learners’ vocabulary of job roles and duties

Before the lesson, print:

  • one A4 copy of each image from Resource A and stick around the classroom
  • one copy per learner of Resource B (job titles - description sentence matching)
  • one copy per three learners of Resource C (definition matching) and cut along the lines
  • and cut up sorting cards Resource D for optional discussion activity


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