This lesson provides students with facts about their consumer rights, to make them better informed when they are buying items in shops or online. As well as learning common collocations related to consumer rights, they will practise their listening skills and take part in a role-play to return a faulty item.

Topic   Consumer rights: getting repairs, a refund or a replacement

Time:   1.5 hours


  • To develop students’ ability to listen for detail
  • To give practice of describing problems
  • To develop students’ vocabulary of common collocations related to consumer rights

You will need:

  • A computer or smartboard and internet access to show the video.
  • Worksheet 1: one per student
  • Worksheet 2: one per student
  • Worksheet 3: one per student
  • Worksheet 4: cut up, one per group (3-4 students)
  • One dictionary for every 3 – 4 students.
  • Realia: a shop receipt. If possible, also bring a range of slightly damaged items, to illustrate different kinds of problems – e.g. a chipped cup, an item of clothing with a hole or button missing.

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