This lesson, about writing messages to friends on social networks, develops students’ ability to write personal messages and features example threads with comments, which students have the opportunity to contribute to. They can also post new messages, and comment on the postings written by other students.

Some colleges block major social networking sites, and so it would be a good idea to highlight that although the students might not be able to use social media inside college, it is nevertheless an important means of communication outside. This lesson aims to equip students with those skills.

Topic: Writing on social networks

Time: 100 minutes (plus 15 minutes before class to set up Nicenet)

Aim: To develop students’ ability to write personal messages on social networking websites

Prepare: student worksheet - one copy per student.

In addition, make some extra spare copies of Handout 5 for early finishers of Task 4.

Tip: If you would like to complete Task 3 using the website 'Nicenet', you'll need to use a room with computers which have internet access. Please note that there is also an option to complete Task 3 without using computers.

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