Going to work aims to provide beginner ESOL learners with some basic vocabulary and skills to access work along with opportunity to practise the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

This resource consists of this teacher’s pack, including teacher’s notes , classroom resources to download and it also makes use of online modules below. These modules can also be used by learners as a self-access resource, available here

The pack provides a minimum of 4.5 hours of learning through a series of three linked units which can each be used as a standalone.  Each unit provides approximately 90 minutes of classroom time, but extension activities are suggested which provide learners with further practice.

The resource is suitable for community ESOL and ESOL delivered in adult learning or FE, although internet access and projection equipment is needed.

Level: Entry 1 / National 2 in Scotland / CEFR A1

The materials are designed to be flexible in terms of delivery and differentiation, and many of the activities are accessible to learners who are yet to reach E1 as well as being relevant to emerging E2 learners.


There are three units in Going to work:

  • Unit 1:  Talking about work aims to give learners the opportunity to develop their listening skills within the context of listening to people talking about their jobs; to present some basic work-related vocabulary and to practise using possessive pronouns and word order in simple sentences.
  • Unit 2:  Reading job adverts aims to build learners’ confidence in reading and understanding  job adverts.  There is also further work-related vocabulary presented to help learners find work and apply for work.
  • Unit 3:  My first day at work helps learners understand instructions at work within the context of someone’s first day as a teaching assistant in a school.

Units 1 and 3 feature a short animation. These animated films have been scripted specifically for the project and feature the same central character, a woman named Harmonie.  In Unit 1, Harmonie is looking for work; in Unit 3 she starts her first day in a new job. 

Online modules (slides include audio and video resources):

Module 1 - Talking about work

Module 2 - Reading job adverts

Module 3 - My first day at work


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