This lesson presents an example text about family. Learners match sentence halves, and reorder jumbled sentences. There are exercises to review family vocabulary and practise the spelling, and to practise am / is / are and their contractions. Finally, the learners write their own text. 
Paper-based alternatives have been provided for some of the tasks. You might like to use these in a larger class so that all learners are involved in the activity
The example text is also used in the reading module which you might like to do before this lesson, as it focuses on comprehension of the text. 
Topic:   Writing / family vocabulary / am / is / are / contractions
Level:   SfL E1/ National 2/Access 2 / CEFR A1  
Time:    2.25 hours
  • To develop students’ ability to write a short text about family
  • To learn and practise spelling family vocabulary e.g. daughter, uncle, sister etc.
  • To practise using the verb ‘to be’ in positive sentences
  • To form contractions of ‘to be’ in positive sentences, e.g. I am / I’m.


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