This lesson helps learners to write a simple text message.  Ravinder receives a text message about starting an English course and needs to write a reply.  Learners will practise using related grammar (can and can’t), spelling (days of the week) and punctuation (capital letters and full stops) to enable them to write a short text message.  At the end of the lesson, learners will demonstrate their skills by writing a reply to a similar text message. 
Topic:  Text messages / writing / days of the week / punctuation 
Level:  SfL Entry 1 / SQA Access 2 / CEFR A1
Time:   2 hours 
  • To develop learners’ ability to write a short text message
  • To use can and can’t
  • To practise spelling days of the week
  • To show understanding of when to use capital letters and full stops.


  • Lesson plan
  • Worksheets
  • Self-access module (slides) - open