This lesson is designed to help learners to understand the process of induction. It covers commonly heard terms around the prison and provides practice in asking for directions to various places around the prison so a new arrival will understand facilities available. There are also activities to develop and practise wh questions to enable prisoners to become more independent. The lesson concludes with a brief look at the canteen sheet, which is covered in more detail in other Offender Learning resources (self access pack Eating in prison; teacher’s pack Food in prison, Unit 2 Rules and requests; teacher’s pack Buying things in prison, Unit 1 Catalogue).

Level: Entry level 1 - 3 / Scottish Access 2 – National 4 / CEFR A1 - B1

Time: 140 minutes plus extensions. You may wish to split the lesson over 2 or more sessions


  • To help prisoners become more familiar with the vocabulary involved in induction.


Some/all learners will be able to:

  • use 10 essential prison words
  • read a basic timetable of activities  
  • understand a simple map of the prison and identify key areas in the prison
  • ask for and understand directions to key places around the prison.
  • use the canteen sheet.