an ESOL teacher discussing his professional development

This module is about developing and recording your own continuing professional development (CPD) to help you progress as a teacher. CPD can include a wide range of activities that will improve your practice and have an impact on your development as a teacher. This in turn should improve the learner experience. 

ESOL teachers working in prison settings may have different requirements for CPD than those working in FE settings, for example, dealing with difficult behaviour. They may also lack resources that are appropriate for the learners in the prison context and have limited access to ICT.

You may be considering your own subject skills, for example, how you become a better ESOL teacher by keeping up to date with developments from exam boards or sharing resources and ideas with colleagues. It could also be about exploring new approaches to teaching and learning, perhaps trying out different group work strategies or how you can differentiate learning for a group of learners in a prison setting with minimal resources.

The module focuses on how to manage your own professional development as an ESOL teacher working in a prison environment. It introduces different models to allow you to consider approaches that will work well for you and your learners and help you improve both your classroom practice and subject knowledge.

ESOL Nexus professional development modules are intended to help teachers to develop in their role in a range of contexts. They have been written by expert practitioners and quality assured by a wider team. We hope that you will find this module useful.

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