Men’s Health in Prison

This resource addresses men's health in prisons by helping learners to discuss difficult issues including health and hygiene, mental health and addiction. It also makes learners aware of support available to them.

Unit 1 - Health and hygiene

Learners discuss and read about personal hygiene in prison and its connection to health and wellbeing. The materials include vocabulary activities based on the toiletries section of a canteen sheet for ordering items. There is a listening activity of a prisoner speaking about what he wants to order in his weekly shop in prison. The unit provides learners with language to order toiletries, thereby increasing awareness of good personal hygiene.

Unit 2 - Mental health

Mental wellbeing in prison and the support available to offenders are the focus of this unit. As an example of support, the unit covers the role of Listeners in prison using a video produced for the Offender Learning Project with an actor playing the part of a Listener. In addition to helping learners develop strategies for listening the unit signposts learners to other mental health support.

Unit 3 - Living with addictions

A video and reading comprehension based on a case study about someone who struggled with addiction introduces useful language for describing life with addictions; some of the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and provides a context for discussion of addiction. It aims to equip learners with the language for understanding how to access help within and on release from prison.

Level: Entry level 1-3 / National 2-4 / CEFR A1 -B1

Structure, learning hours and delivery context

  • The resources developed for each unit may be used independently or together with the self-access workbook ‘Healthcare in prison’.
  • It takes a whole language approach but focuses on making key language related to healthcare understandable in a prison context.
  • Timings are flexible since learners can work through at their own pace, teachers can adapt the resource to suit their learners and build in revision as required and can break down the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in revision as required.
  • The resource is suitable for male offenders learning ESOL in prisons.