Positive strategies for managing negative behaviours

This module is about managing behaviour in a positive way in ESOL classes in a prison environment and is suitable for teachers at any stage of their career.

It considers issues underlying poor behaviour in classes and gives practical strategies for managing disruptive learners. It focuses on the role of the teacher and how they can pre-empt negative behaviour by using positive behaviour management strategies. There are practical activities drawing on good practice and research as well as activities for reflection and action-planning.

  • While you can work through the module on your own and at your own pace, you will get greater benefits by working through it together with colleagues.
  • If you are looking at the pdf on your computer you can type your reflections into the boxes provided, and save your progress for the next time you return to the module.
  • There are links to videos embedded in the activities and suggested answers for activities at the end of the unit, as appropriate. There is also list with further reading related tothe content.

ESOL Nexus professional development modules are intended to help teachers to develop in their role in a range of contexts. They have been written by expert practitioners andquality assured by a wider team. We hope that you will find this module useful.

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