Unit 2 Section 3

There is an online version of this activity as well as a printable version of the activities. The teachers’ notes include suggestions on exploiting the materials, and teachers are encouraged to adapt them to meet group/individual needs. You can download worksheets, audio files, transcripts, and an answer key for this unit. For this unit you will need:

  • Teachers' notes
  • Printable version of activities (optional)
  • Answers to activities 


  • To provide authentic role models for ESOL learners contemplating self-employment or for those who are already self-employed.
  • To introduce lexis associated with being self-employed.
  • To introduce lexis associated with different types of businesses: house-keeping


All Learners:

  • read a handwritten note and put what Laura needs to do in correct order
  • complete sentences from the note using words with similar meanings

Some learners:

  • rewrite the note missing out any unnecessary words
  • put apostrophes into the note