‘Self-employed is a resource for learners between Entry 3 - L1/Intermediate 1 - 2. It uses authentic sound recordings with ESOL learners who are self-employed as a springboard to practise all four skills within a work context. It is aimed at learner who are considering becoming self-employed. It also explores the language needed by a self-employed cleaners and taxi-driver so it will also be useful for learners who work in these areas.

In this section, learners explore the language of note writing further and write their own note.

The teachers’ notes include suggestions on exploiting the materials, and teachers are encouraged to adapt them to meet group/individual needs. You can download worksheets, audio files, transcripts, and an answer key for this unit. For this unit you will need:

  • Teachers' notes
  • Printable version of activities (optional)
  • Answers to activities

Time: approximately 4 hours. Timings are flexible and teachers can break down the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in revision as required.


  • To provide authentic role models for ESOL learners contemplating self-employment or for those who are already self-employed.
  • To use authentic recordings with role models to highlight the opportunities and challenges the self-employed may face.
  • To introduce lexis associated with being self-employed.
  • To introduce lexis associated with different types of businesses: house-keeping


  • Identify paragraphs in the note.
  • Write a note to say what jobs you have done and apologise for the one you haven’t.