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Leon’s story is a resource for all beginner ESOL learners, including those with basic literacy needs.  Learners will develop ideas for a narrative and develop listening and speaking skills as they consider a realistic life problem from the characters’ points of view -  a teenager, his parent, his employer and friends - deciding on the best outcome.

Level:  Entry 1 (National 2/Access 2 in Scotland) ESOL learners with basic literacy needs/A1 CEFR Framework.   

Learning hours and delivery context:

Across seven units, the town provides a minimum of 12 hours of learning in a classroom context, delivered via linked units.  These units may be used independently or as one linked topic over several sessions.  Timings are flexible and teachers can break down the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in revision as required.  The resource is suitable for community ESOL and ESOL delivered in adult learning or FE.  Additionally, the teacher notes provide suggestions on how practitioners can develop further linked learning (such developing and working with learner-produced texts).

Units 4 - 7 provide illustrations for four distinct narratives featuring characters who live in the town, and teachers’ notes which provide ideas and suggest frameworks for developing language skills.  Each narrative focuses on developing different skills. 

Li’s story focuses on reading skills.  Amir’s story focus takes a whole language approach but focuses on producing a text with low literacy learners.  Tom’s story focuses on speaking and listening.  Leon’s story provides an opportunity for learners to discuss and share opinions, and points of view.

Leon’s story is most suitable for learners with basic literacy needs who are more confident at speaking and listening.

There is plenty of scope for you to adapt, omit or extend stages as best suits your situation.

Unit 4: Leon’s story

Time: approximately 1.5 hours


  • To facilitate a discussion.
  • To provide a context for problem solving.


You will need:


  • Photograph of Leon
  • Leon’s story (audio script)
  • Leon’s large cut-up pictures, used on OHT, IWB applications or as printed flashcards
  • Leon’s small cut-up pictures
  • Leon’s story board
  • Blank flipchart or A3 sheets to write down learners’ solution ideas.

You will need to take some time before the session to plan how you are going to facilitate it and involve learners.

The suggested procedure for the lesson can be found in the teachers' notes.

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